is a community that creates and unlocks hyper-tailored experiences for college students across the country.


WAYV foresters a network of student dispersed across the country united through experiences we develop specifically for college students. At our core, we believe in providing opportunities for students. From limited additional retail experiences, interactive branded experiences, to short term internship experiences. All intended to enhance the lives of college students


As the brand that fully understands the nuanced nature of college through our diverse network of students, we provide opportunities for brands to naturally weave into the college framework. We hyper tailor and translate brands to find relevancy for college students. Through our pop up experiences, digital integrations, and limited edition product collaborations.


We work closely with dozens of universities to enhance the lives of college students. We craft programing inlined with the core pillars of the school. Our goal is to provide resources, access to experiences, and opportunities for students, so working in partnership with universities is at the heart of our business.