is a community that creates and unlocks hyper-tailored experiences for college students across the country.


WAYV fosters a network of students across the country, united through the love of experiences. At our core, we believe in supporting students through the lens of discovery. From limited additional retail experiences, brand activations, and internships, students are the heart of WAYV.


WAYV’s diverse network of students helps us deeply understand the nuanced college experience, allowing us to more clearly understand the opportunity to position your brand in the most tailored setting. We work closely with brands to position your message in a way that will resonate and lead towards a long lasting relationship. We develop pop up experiences, digital offerings, and collaborate around limited edition product drops.


We partner with dozens of universities to support the college experience on campus. We craft programs closely aligned with the core pillars of our partnered universities. Our goal is to provide resources, access to employment opportunities, and support the overall growth of students.